About me

I am a practising artist based in Ipswich, working in various media including acrylics, oils, pastels and Chinese ink, as well as pen and pencil.

My works have appeared in various galleries and shows in Ipswich, including Town Hall Galleries, The Freudian Sheep, Subterranean Arts, The Hold, St Andrews Church, Rushmere,  Prettys Solicitors and Kerseys Solicitors. I have had various painting on on display at the Ipswich and Suffolk Club for many years. If you are not a member please contact me and I can take you to view as a guest and we can have a coffee too!

I usually work from a studio in my back garden, where sometimes I have had exhibitions on my own or jointly with other artists.

I have painted portraits of one serving mayor of Ipswich, one previous mayor and one previous Leader of Ipswich Borough Council.

I have sold many works over the years. Please like and share my work!

My intellectual interests are in many areas of philosophy and history. Some of my work has been either inspired from, or been inspiration for, my intellectual studies which sometimes have also been the subject of public talks. My portrait of Marcus Aurelius was support for my talk on this famous Stoic Roman Emperor at Ipswich Town Hall and University of Suffolk in 2012. My ‘Lame Deer’ 5 painting series in the Town Hall was the centre piece of a talk about this key Native American thinker in 2013, repeated several times since. My painting of Framlingham Castle was a feature of my talk ‘From Siege to Sheeran’, originally made at the Castle itself in 2018 and repeated at Ipswich Institute and Christ Church.

I used to do a 'thought for the day' slot on BBC Radio Suffolk.  In March 2023, Graham Cleaver, a presenter on Ipswich Community Radio (icr) suggested a do a podcast in the same style which he would then play on his Monday breakfast show.  A library of all my podcast episodes is here.  They also appear as I do them on my 'Blog and Podcast' page where I welcome comments!

      Come for the musings, stay for the art

      Come for the art, stay for the musings

    (thanks to Forster Church for that catchphrase!)

If I was to be asked what is distinctive about me as an artist it would be that I engage as much as on the left hand side of the brain (intellectual/rational) as the right hand (creative) to decide upon and to move within my projects. This process defines much of my subject matter and its expression. But I leave it to others to give their views of my art! -There are some comments on the Testimonials page on my site which do just that.

You can listen to an interview here with Rob Dunger of Felixstowe Radio from May 2023. It introduces my first solo exhibition, in St Andrew’s Church, Rushmere, and goes on  (somewhat unexpectedly!) to set forth elements of my art manifesto