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Portrait of artist…as an older man

Apologies to James Joyce for the heading here but it does work well for this blog!  I asked for feedback following the recent relaunching of my website.  It has generally been very constructive as well as, fortunately, positive!  Thanks very much to those who took up their precious time to do it.  One point which came up more than once
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Fly like a bird

The power of dance! Cover art is my painting of a waxwing
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Living in a Box

How we live in boxes and how to get out of them
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That’s funny

This podcast is not a joke. But is does explore what makes us laugh The cover art is my drawing of Groucho Marx when I was young
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From Dome to Dome

This podcast is about how we all create our own worlds. I reference Anselm Keifer’s ‘Everyone Stands under his own dome of Heaven’
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This podcast is all about weeds
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Featured image for “Meditate or Agitate?”

Meditate or Agitate?

This podcast develops a previous one entitled Languishing and Flourishing and explains that there is no contradiction between chilling or meditating and flourishing
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This podcast is about family and what it means to us
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Are you languishing or flourishing?

This podcast episode is about the concepts of languishing and flourishing and how the relate to mental health. The image is an old one of me at work floating over my ‘Sun Dog’ painting, created by Mike Cheal. Seemed a good one to give another outing for this podcast!
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Disaster Strikes!

This podcast is about a dramatic, potentially disastrous, incident which occurred when I was on my New Zealand adventure. Together with my reflections upon it
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Featured image for “Ant Musing: Feet!”

Ant Musing: Feet!

First podcast inspired by my 3 month adventure in New Zealand, January to March 2024
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