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Ant Musing: Let’s talk

This podcast episode is about conversation. I ask what are the different factors which determine the different styles. What is your favourite mode of conversation? It has given me to chance to air my painting ‘Let’s Talk’ again!
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Ant Musing: Memory Sticks

This podcast episode is about long term memories and how they are triggered. The cover art is a drawing I did at 13 of the event I recalled recently again, mentioned in the podcast. All will be revealed if you listen! (only 5 minutes as ever). The heading is a pun by the way – good, eh?
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Ant Musing: What if

This episode considers some ‘what ifs’ in history and what they might tell us. The cover art in my painting of Framlingham Castle. If you have ever considered any ‘what ifs’ aka counterfactuals in history I would love to hear about them in comments!
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Ant Musing: Happy?

This episode of my podcast is about a chat I had about happiness. Is it just a joke? Well, jokes make you happy….
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Ant Musing: Travel Broadens the mind

My daughter just completed a 4000 bike trip from Kazahstan to Hungary. We joined her afterwards in The Czech Republic and had a great time. This episode is about what we might learn about the world, ourselves and others from travelling.
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Crypt of Cyril and Methodius, Prague

This short describes my moving experience in August 2023 in the Crypt of the Cathedral of Saints Cyril and Methodius, where 7 paratroopers, 2 of whom had been the assissinators of Heydrich under Operation Anthropoid in May 1942, died following betrayal, attack and flooding. I used still shots not video as the crypt of a church is not the right
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Roman Anchor Rising

In 2018, an anchor, believed to be Roman or late Iron Age, was found off the Suffolk coast during survey work by Scottish Power Renewables on their East Anglia One windfarm. It was raised – for the last time – in 2021. On 27th September 2022, for one day only, the anchor was put on display at Ipswich Museum. Luckily,
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The Man of Tao

I have long been interested in Taoism.   I was initially introduced to it by dear school friend David.    I have been carrying out some renewed reading of key texts over the last couple of weeks because it has been selected within the next topic of my bi-monthly philosophy group.   This blog is not intended even to attempt to summarise any
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Art in the garden

In sunny August this year, my friend David Sharp allowed me to be a free artist in his lovely garden in Rushmere St Andrew. He has built there a wonderful Japanese teahouse and placed a statute of Buddha on its deck. I decided to use pastels for the work. I wanted to create a reasonable size work which would capture
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From canon to cannon

Minsmere Nature Reserve is a wonderful place but until my last visit in July I did not know that it impresses with human history as well, at least apart from the WW2 anti-tank cubes of course.  Turning back from the beach on one of those very hot days we have all experienced lately, I saw the outlines of beautiful ancient
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