Ant Musing: Extrovert and Introvert

This episode of my podcast explores these terms and sees them as a spectrum not categories. The cover art is the gear I made for a fancy dress party at Framlingham Castle in 2019. Does it show an extrovert or an introvert at work?

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  1. Reall good Ant. Definitely one of your best to date. I found the Latin explanations really illuminating, and loved the down to earth language ( “putting their foot in it”, ” necking it in”) to distinguish between the typical styles of the two groups. A really clever and succinct ending to the piece too. And me? I think you’ve persuaded me that I’m an ambivert!

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  2. I feel that the distinction between introverts and extraverts has perhaps been overplayed, since how you behave depends on where you are, what you are doing and whom you are with. I agree with Derek’s comments, and I suppose that I am an ambivert as well. In our society, being an extravert seems to be regarded as preferable to being an introvert, with the latter nearly as bad as schizophrenia or psychosis. I have not read Yung (or researched the subject on Wikipedia), but I would be surprised if Jung saw things that way. There will be fewer extravert groups on social media, since they have gone to the party or pub. I am not sure that you are right to suggest that extraverts are better at working the room in a social setting. Many introverts can do well at parties or meetings, while extraverts can come across as obnoxious idiots.

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