Ant Musing: Feet!

First podcast inspired by my 3 month adventure in New Zealand, January to March 2024

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  1. I have followed Ant’s messages from the Antipodes, in words and art, with great interest. Well done for keeping up with the daily target. The Facebook pages will be great. I am old enough to remember Letter from America by Alastair Cooke, and Ant’s podcasts follow a similarly unpredictable path. This will continue to be the case, even when back in Ipswich. We look forward to hearing further challenging thoughts soon.

  2. Meditative, serene, mood creation, sense of connecting. Great presence, Ant. Un-rushed. I like the concentration upon feet for this the latest podcast. Feet probably are terribly under valued. There is of course a deep religious significance to feet washing (ritual derived from Jesus having washed his disciples’ feet at the last supper – ceremony still practised).

  3. Some good practical advice here Ant for artists. Any for us poets?!

    I like the way you look at the ordinary ( our feet) in an extraordinary (Antipodoean) light. That brings us down to earth, but not with too much of a bump.

    Your swelling feet on arrival sound very disconcerting. Thanks goodness it wasn’t flight induced thrombosis!


  4. Interesting Ant.
    I belong to a Facebook group for solo travellers, where we post pictures of our feet and the view, when we go on holiday

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