Ant Musing: What else is there to say

Amazing things! Listen and you will be amazed too!

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  1. Ant, another thought provoking podcast and I can’t help thinking how blessed Elsie is having you in her life.
    The comings and goings of every single person who comes through the castle gates all bring something with them …..Ant you bring out the best by just talking to them, enrichment all round.

  2. Ant! Thank you so much for the lovely words in your podcast – such a pleasure to write the song for Elsie and to play it with the band – hope she enjoys it. She is lucky to have you as a grandfather.

  3. Moving stuff, Ant. Talking to interesting people must be the best thing about volunteering at Framlingham Castle. We hope to meet Elsie (and your future grandchildren) one day. We might even see the folk group some time. Have a great trip to the Antipodes, and we look forward to your podcasts resuming in the spring.

  4. Thanks for sharing this lovely piece of serendipity Ant. Great song – both lyrics and tune. Some of us, if we’re lucky, may have a love song written to us in our late teens; most of us will wait a good deal longer. So Elsie is streets ahead, having one written for her whilst she’s still in baby straps!

  5. Thanks so much for this thoughtful podcast. It’s been a privilege to play keyboard in 2Steps4Words and take part in recording Pat’s song for you and your granddaughter. It was also very interesting to learn about the memory boxes – what a brilliant idea!

  6. Thank you Ant, for sharing another wonderful podcast!
    I love how your narrative flows seamlessly and the way you weave the tapestry of the story.
    Elsie is truly a very lucky child to have you as her grandfather and I’m sure as she gets older will appreciate this song.

  7. I’m really glad that Elsie liked the snapshot box. As the creator of these boxes, this is exactly the type of meaningful gesture that I’d hoped they would be used for.

  8. Great podcast and a wonderful everlasting gift for Elsie. Something quite beautiful formed from your love for your granddaughter and the talent from Pat – amazing!

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