Are you languishing or flourishing?

This podcast episode is about the concepts of languishing and flourishing and how the relate to mental health. The image is an old one of me at work floating over my ‘Sun Dog’ painting, created by Mike Cheal. Seemed a good one to give another outing for this podcast!

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  1. Interesting thoughts and another good picture. Ant is certainly flourishing. I think that I can generally judge for myself whether or not I am flourishing, which varies from day to day. There is a lot of self-help material available, but not all of it is helpful. It is not just people, but organisations that are languishing as well. It can be difficult to turn things around, but recognising the state of languishing is the first step. “Search, organise conquer” was added at the bottom of a friend’s email. Unfortunately, it was not sound advice, to prevent one from languishing, but a sound-bite from Yahoo. Using a glib phrase to show that one is flourishing is not a useful short-cut. I think that one’s flourishing/languishing state is quite close to happiness/unhappiness generally, but not quite the same.

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      Ah, that’s something different and ok. Others have made a similar connection and it’s something I will clarify more in podcast coming up! Thanks!

  2. A World Happiness Report. I didn’t know there was such a thing. I wonder which country comes out on top ( and at the bottom!)

    Good to hear you aren’t languishing Ant. Work for me became a languishing, where the purpose was to survive one day to the next and remain intact until a day when I needed to work no more. I’ve never looked back. Long may we flourish!

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