Old School Friends

This episode of my podcast continues on from a previous one about friendship but this time extends into the particular area of old school friends.

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  1. I liked your analogy about the blossoming flower. I have not been to any school reunions either. You have done better than me in keeping up with school friends. I can only count two whom I am still in touch with. On a whim, after listening to your podcast, I just looked up a friend whose fifth birthday party I went to. Within a few seconds, I had found him on the internet. He is still alive, still working and still in Kent, where we grew up. I think that most of us can be creative, but I would not be able to write a ghost story.

  2. Greatly provocative listen, creating thoughts of past present and future.

    I wonder if you ought use that photo and the art class one as a catalyst for a future musing.

    Thank you for this one.

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