Roman Anchor Rising

In 2018, an anchor, believed to be Roman or late Iron Age, was found off the Suffolk coast during survey work by Scottish Power Renewables on their East Anglia One windfarm. It was raised – for the last time – in 2021.

On 27th September 2022, for one day only, the anchor was put on display at Ipswich Museum. Luckily, I heard about it a day or two before and was able to go.

You can read about it here:

I was awed by the two-metre shaft of metallic browns and golds which then reversed arched perfectly from the base. My love of history and art met one of their perfect matches, just like the shaft and the arch.

I chatted briefly with Brandon Mason, archaeologist and business development manager of Maritime Archaeology Ltd, the company engaged in the project. He told me about the further investigation that was being carried out. I immediately felt the excitement of an artistic urge, although as normal not yet clear how it would be expressed. Brandon kindly said if I did do a work to send a photo to him.

After this I was preoccupied with other things and devoid of inspiration for a while (it goes in waves like the sea above the anchor). Then I had a trip to Ancient Egypt to plan and enjoy at the start of 2023. On my return, the inspiration was fired. I painted, in oils on canvas, the anchor rising with the new technology of windfarm matching it from afar, both in design and symbol.

I sent a photo to Brandon as discussed. It has appeared on Maritime Archaeology’s social media here:

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