Here goes the Sun

We all love sunsets. We will sometimes go miles to enjoy them. We celebrate them with our holiday snaps. They happen at the sea, on big landscapes, from the top of hills and mountains. But it took me 20 years in my house in Ipswich to notice, let alone study, the sunset in my back garden! I could put in down to busy structured routines, which have relaxed somewhat in ‘semi- retirement’, and/or to the syndrome that we don’t notice, let alone appreciate, things close to home. But still the very small local world we inhabit has connection with the big drama of the universe. Right there on our door step. Well, maybe back door step.

I wanted to have a ‘long shot’ so got an unusually tall canvas. To show the sunset in two thirds and the local view in one. Our shed is the most local you can get in the garden. It is next door to my studio and I kept going out to check the view when I was painting, in the evening especially. There are some symbols in the work too. I decided to add a bird to represent the release of life to roam the universe. The flower at the bottom is the beauty of the local life. The perspective of the work is unusual as it goes in from the flower and then out again with the bird.

A Buddha emerged also – zoom in to find it on screen! Plus can you see big fish in the clouds? Or is it my imagination?!

All is connected. Local and universal as one.

I used ‘Shed Loads’ as a working title (I like puns) but am now going for ‘Here comes the sun’. With apologies to George Harrison.

Note. I know not everyone has a garden let alone one facing south west. Maybe go for short evening walks for the sunset, especially this time of year. When you find it, go again.

July 2022

Here goes the Sun

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  1. Hi Ant,

    It’s lovely to see you doing this project, and perhaps bringing others along with you too.

    I like the sunset very much, it had the appearance of a prehistoric scene on my laptop before opening it. I was surprised to see the buildings in the full image 🙂 but of course they make sense!

    I love landscapes, and especially at sunrise or sunset. I would shoot nothing else given half the chance, winter scenes especially….as one doesn’t have to set the alarm too early!

    You are blessed with some amazing sunrises in the winter on the Suffolk coast. And evidently some great sunsets too!

  2. Ant,

    Great painting. Love the unusual canvas, too. A real mix of symbols. As you say, the bird is about to pass out of sight and on to who knows where? Puts me in mind of a Phoenix rising from the ashes/sunset. And all from your back garden…

    More please!

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